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  Lidster (Blixt) Gail
Sunday, March 22, 2020
Hopefully 2021 will be  kinder to us and we can get together and celebrate.
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  Peter Lake
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Hi classmates.  So many! I suspect that majority of you are going "Peter WHO?!) I wasn't planning on sharing here but quite enjoyed reading those who had shared so... here goes:   "SO:". (isn't that how all talks begin these days?)  Finished Engineering in 76 after taking a year off to wander through Australia and across Asia to Europe. (life changing year) Worked as P.Eng for 10 years during which time I got involved in marathoning, rowing, and climbing on Mt Logan, before making the switch to Medicine. Found that I liked about every specialty as I trained in them .... (Hmmmm..."there's a pattern here") and ended up doing rural/remote GP work... bit of everything. 27 years on Haida Gwaii with time out to work in Nunavut and outback Australia.  Married (one of our residents, Andrea Wilhelm) at 55, daughter (Clara) at 56 retired at 60 and abit.  Me-thinks: "How many (esp. guys) of our generation get to spend this much time with their kids?!  Lucky me.  Play hard during the early adult years..... and now, a new kind o' play. (While Andrea works her butt off!!)  Hip replacement at 59 so cycling is most of my aerobic work for the last 15 years or so.  Too much into?  (Too bad.(winky face)   Really looking forward to seeing (and trying to identify) everyone.  't was hard enough at my 30 year Med School reunion in Calgary last month ..... but it was a fun... as I'm sure June will be. ' best, P
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  Scott Nevison
Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Looking forward to seeing all the 1970 grads again! See you next June!
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